Alexis – complete tiny mesh avatar kit

We are excited to present our complete tiny mesh pixie avatar, Alexis.  She comes in 2 sizes: micro & small.

This is a complete kit – everything you need to become a miniature fae!  She is fully customizable with our avatar HUD and is Omega friendly*.

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More info below!

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In this kit you’ll receive:

  • omega friendly, mod/copy rigged mesh avatar
  • 2 heads (pointy ears & normal ears)
  • removable feet
  • a box of no-omega body parts
  • one touch customization avatar HUD
    • unlimited avatar colors, glow, shine, bright & alpha/hide layers)
    • 2 skins (fair & tan)
    • 5 eye colors (hazel, brown, green, sky blue, sea blue)
  • 2 hairstyles (long hair & updo) with unlimited colors (with above HUD)
  • complete fairy Saelihn outfit, skirt & auto-flap wings in aqua
  • a fairy AO with tiny eye view button (so you can see at your level!) ^-^
  • a separate tiny view HUD (if you don’t want to use the AO)
  • a (modifiable) pixie shape
  • fairy sparkles to wear (will sparkle when you walk & fly)
  • an alpha to wear
  • Omega scripted clothing and underwear layers
  • full perm clothing parts (underwear, eyes & clothing) so you can create your own clothes and/or sell them)
  • pose stand
  • an awesome resize script (for your stubborn standard size clothes/shoes)

*Pick up the Omega system kit in our shop or at Love N Lust Designs so you can have a numerous supply of clothing and skin options to wear with this mesh avatar.

Need help with Alexis?  Go to the avatar how-to page.


Alexis comes in two sizes, small .50 meters and micro .25 meters.

small-heightAlexis small .50 meters


Pick it up in-world





micro-heightAlexis pixie micro .25 meters:


Pick it up in-world

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