Kawaii Skin – Omega applier


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Four delicious kawaii makeup skins.  Well ok, 3 as the first one is bare.  😉

The Omega HUD works perfect with our pixie avatars making it easy to change your skin on a whim.  This hud works on any other Omega enabled mesh avatars.

Included in the package is:

  • Omega HUD with the 4 skins
  • 4 standard avatar skins
  • copy

Pick it up on Marketplace:


Tiny pixies can dress up too!



Dress: gorgeous watercolor lavande gown is by Snowpaws (worn using their Omega applier HUD).  Sign up for the Omega Obsession group to get this gift for free.  SLURL
Shoes:  pixies peep-toe heels below

Kawaii peep-toe high heels:

If you bought pixie’s Omega Kawaii skin above, you can get the matching skin peep-toe heels here:


Kawaii micro heels
Kawaii small heels

Bare Mesh tippy-toe Feet

micro .25m
small .50m


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