Peep-toe High Heels for pixies


Sky high peep-toe heels for pixies!

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Even tiny pixies want to look pretty and what better way to do so then with a sky high pair of peep-toe heels?



  • matching unlimited color, glow & bright skin tone (fair, tan & colorable versions)
  • shoes have unlimited colors
  • 50 shades of nail polish — yes, even for tiny .25m micros!


A hud is included to match your skin tone you’ve selected in your avatar HUD. Choose tan or fair to match pixies default avatar.  Your avatar HUD’s glow, bright & shine function should work and match with your fair & tan skin heels.  Choose ‘colorable’ button for custom skin.  You can controls the nail polish on this hud as well.

An extra hud is included for unlimited colors for your heels.  You can save up to 8 colors to your palette.

Pick it up on Marketplace:

micro version
small version

If you bought the Omega Kawaii skin shown, you can find the matching shoes on the Kawaii skin page.


hair: b tavern by Analog Dog
dress: Ruby Seraphin dress with Omega appliers by Snowpaws
backgroundmushroom house
skin:  Omega kawaii skin




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