Bare Mesh Tippy-Toes Feet



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Skip & twirl in pixies’ mesh tippy-toe feet!


  • matching unlimited color, glow & bright skin tone (fair, tan & colorable versions)
  • 50 shades of nail polish — yes, even for tiny .25m micros!


A hud is included to match your skin tone you’ve selected in your avatar HUD. Choose tan or fair to match pixies default avatar.  Your avatar HUD’s glow, bright & shine function should work and match with your fair & tan skin feet.  Choose ‘colorable’ button for custom skin.  You can controls the nail polish on this hud as well.

Pick it up on Marketplace:

micro .25m
small .50m

If you bought the Omega Kawaii skin, you can find the matching tippy toes on the Kawaii skin page.


outfit: Coral EVA silks by * RaMp *

hair: b tavern by Analog Dog

wings: Faeline Fairy Wings – Shiori (blossom)

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